Thomas Cameron’s Descendants 1762-1842

Thomas Cameron (1740-1820) & Marie-Françoise Roy (1744-1822) Thomas:Father: John CameronMother: Mary Anne FraserBorn around 1740-41 in Inverness, ScotlandDied 5 April 1820, and buried in Saint-Vallier (age 80)Marie-Françoise:Father: Augustin Roy (1710-1775)Mother: Isabelle Fradet (1717-1788)Born 31 August 1744 and baptized in Saint-Vallier, BellechasseDied 29 May 1822 and buried in Saint-Vallier (age 78)Marriage: 6 July 1772 in Saint-Vallier, … Continue reading Thomas Cameron’s Descendants 1762-1842


In some countries, surnames weren’t established until the 17th century or later. In England, under king Henry VIII, children from marriages were to bear the surname of the father, and women had long changed their last name to that of their husband upon marriage. Family names for nobility had long been established to indicate which … Continue reading Surnames