The first 2 chapters of my book

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 3.55.58 PM.pngMy book (really a series of books) is coming together. On the suggestion of a friend of mine, I began to lay out the book in a word processing program. This step has put extra wind in my sails to get these books published.

I certainly gave myself a large assignment when I started writing. I wanted to include everything that could be found about the two families my father descended from, the Roys and Castonguays. I wanted to place their information within the context of what was happening around them, people they came into contact with, geographical and societal influences and so forth. In the end, I wanted a very rich and detail-heavy book that was also enjoyable to read.

I hope I have succeeded so far. Let me know what you think: Download the first two chapters here of Book One.

I have also chosen a title: “Those of my Blood.” It was inspired by a quote I pulled from the family history book written by Joseph-Edmond Roy, a distant relative of mine and a historian.

He wrote: “Quelqu’humble qu’elle soit, l’histoire des tiens est bonne à connaître. Il et bon que tu saches où, quand, comment ont vécu ceux de ton sang.” (However humble it is, the story of your family is good to know. It’s good that you know where, when and how those of your blood lived.)

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